Secondary School Tour – children aged 12-18

Course Overview

This course is specifically designed for those students who are thinking of coming to study at a boarding school or university in the UK, or those who simply want a taste of British teaching and culture.

Our Secondary School Tour offers an English Language programme, as well as the opportunity to experience living with other students in the UK. There is ample provision for those who might like to learn more about life in a boarding school or university during the workshops, or even to have further private tuition. Outside of the classroom, there will be a chance to taste international cuisine, to engage in social activities, and to participate in excursions around the UK.



  • Full-board accommodation
  • Full afternoon and evening activity programme including sporting, cultural and fun games
  • 15 hours of English tuition each week
  • Maximum class size of 10 students
  • Excursions to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford and London
  • All fees including entrance and tour guides


English Courses

Our language Course includes an intensive English language programme of 15 hours per week to help students reach their required level. Students will be divided into groups of 10 maximum to attend specifically designed courses according to their aims and levels. 

Each course prepares students for a Cambridge English examination, which they have the possibility of sitting in the UK or back in their home country after the summer school. These exams are recognised globally and will provide certified evidence of a student’s English level, this could be invaluable in helping them with their applications to top UK schools or universities. 

Cambridge PET (Preliminary)  (CEFR B1 Level)

This course is aimed at primary or secondary school students who would like to attend a boarding school in the UK. The exam format contains Reading and Writing (50%), Listening (25%) and Speaking (25%), and is taught in many boarding schools that cater for International students, such as Sherborne International. It is widely recognised by secondary schools across the UK and is a particularly useful training to help students, who are at a CEFR B1 level, study English as a second language in school. We recommend that students sit the exam soon after they complete their course with Cherwell Study, this can be arranged with our global partners in the UK or Hong Kong. 


What is a CEFR level? – The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a universal standard for understanding language ability. It is made up of a scale from A1 (beginners) to C2 (fluent) and is a way for language ability to be understood and compared.


First Courses (CEFR B2 Level)

The Cambridge First Course is the next logical language step up from the Preliminary, for those learners who are capable of independently living and working in an English-speaking country. Upon completion of this course, students can use their results for entry to foundation and pathway courses in English-speaking countries. Moreover, students can use the results of this exam to apply for undergraduate programmes taught in English in non-English speaking countries.


IELTS Course (CEFR B1+ Level)

This course is aimed at students who would like to study at a university in the UK. The requirement for studying at a UK university as an undergraduate is at least a level 6.0 and ideally 7.0 (with no less than 6.0 in each area). The syllabus is structured with Chinese speaking students in mind, with the focus on improving their results and reaching these required standards. Students are expected to complete extra homework assignments and engage in conversational practice during the course. If students decide to take the IELTS exam at the end of the course (additional charge for this), the certificate is valid for the next 2 years for university applications and UK visa purposes.


General English Course (All Levels)

This option focuses on a General English Programme, and can be adapted to include preparation for a range of Cambridge English examinations, or simply as a discovery course of the English language. If students are attending one of our summer schools without a specific goal in mind, we can adapt an English course to suit their level aimed at developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This course hopes to excite and encourage students in their English language learning journey.



We have chosen the University of Roehampton and Stowe School, Buckingham, as the campuses for our summer schools. Students will be staying in the university or school, eating in the dining halls, studying in the classrooms, using the sports facilities and living just like UK students. All our classes will be conducted inside the university or school.

University of Roehampton, London (ages 15-18)

Set on London’s greenest campus, the University of Roehampton offers outstanding facilities, which is why we have chosen it as one of our course locations. The campus includes 54 acres of green parkland, with historic buildings in amongst modern and cutting-edge facilities. It is located in the south-west of London, within easy ready of central London via public transport, so students also have the opportunity to venture into the city and explore.


Example Timetable – University of Roehampton


Stowe School, Buckingham (ages 12-15)

Stowe is a unique, historical school set in a picturesque English countryside setting. The grounds include a palace and 750 acres of landscaped gardens, containing many lakes and forest walks for students to enjoy. Stowe offers extensive, modern sports facilities including an indoor sport’s hall, playing fields, an athletics track, a golf course, cricket and rugby pitches, a swimming pool, tennis courts and much more. As a National Trust property, it attracts visitors from all over the world who come to admire the Main House and its beautiful surroundings.



Example Timetable – Stowe School



Important Information 



Our room options include; single occupancy, double occupancy or 4-person occupancy rooms. Each student will have a single bed, a wardrobe and a study desk. The same type of accommodation for both University of Roehampton and Stowe School students. All rooms have shared bathroom facilities.


All meals will be served in the dining halls unless otherwise arranged. Hot breakfast will be served, together with a 2-course hot meal for lunch and dinner. Both catering teams are committed to providing an interesting variety of dishes that are both well-balanced and tasty, and we try to cater for all dietary requirements. Students can expect to taste a number of British classics during their stay, such as the traditional roast dinner and fish and chips.

In Stowe, the boarding house accommodation also provides kitchens where students are able to prepare snacks and hot drinks between mealtimes.


Students will be taught inside the safe surroundings of the University of Roehampton or Stowe School in modern teaching rooms. Students will be expected to provide their own pencil cases equipped with classroom staples such as pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers.


The University of Roehampton is secured by university security staff at the entrance. Likewise, Stowe school is secured by a security Lodge, and only those with permission can enter. Students are given a pass with contact details to wear around their necks at all times so that they are identifiable and easily traceable.  Staff will accompany students at all times except for allocated free time in their rooms and on excursions.


Staff and teachers will be available on site 24/7 and there will be regular role-calls to ensure that everyone is present and correct. Some of our staff are first aid trained and have the necessary skills to handle minor problems.


We understand the importance of keeping parents well informed about their children throughout their trip, therefore we will provide email, WhatsApp or WeChat updates and photos throughout the school.

Travel arrangements

We can provide extra help to arrange travel tickets with our travel partners in Hong Kong at an extra cost. All other travel arrangements, starting from when the students arrive in the UK to when they leave, are organised by us.

Chinese-speaking staff

There will be Chinese-speaking staff onsite to help with any questions from students and parents about the course.


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